Lynne Sutton new SML

Lynne Sutton

Key Account Manager - Auckland

"I’m proud to be a member of the Corporate Key Account Management Team.  I am honoured and love working for such an innovative company that allows me to maintain and build long lasting professional relationships with my Customers and to assist them in achieving greater energy/financial savings."

021 249 9023

Narendra Uttam Website

Narendra Uttam

Key Account Manager - Auckland

"I get enormous satisfaction in helping our customers – whether it be as simple as providing a copy of an invoice through to working on value adding opportunities that will be beneficial for their business."

021 969 581

Mike Janus

Mike Janus

Key Account Manager - Wellington

"I love working at Meridian because of our commitment to customers and future generations of Kiwis.  It’s great to work with a really strong, close-knit team of people. Building relationships with customers, getting to know and understand how their businesses operates, their needs and providing a solution, for me it is one of the most enjoyable and interesting parts of my job."

021 802 923

Sharalene Shortland 2018 sml

Sharalene Shortland

Corporate Account Manager - Christchurch Area and Lower South Island

"Meridian places a high value on our customers and the relationships we build with them. I consider myself very lucky to work for a company that truly cares about our customers experience and is committed to creating a fairer and healthier world for us all."

021 821 163

David Syme 2018 sml

David Syme

Key Account Manager - South Island

"I spend a lot of my time with our large customers working of innovative solutions for their energy management and purchasing options. It’s great that Meridian genuinely supports this work and is consistently developing new tools and products to assist."

021 897 330

Simon Briggs 2018 sml

Simon Briggs

Corporate Account Manager - Christchurch Area, Upper South Island and Lower North Island

"I firmly believe Meridian’s account management and wider team support for our business and corporate customers is the best in the industry.  We put our customers first and align with them to create a better energy outcomes for all NZers."

021 226 3140

Naomi Siitia 2018 sml

Naomi Siitia

Tender Desk Manager

"At Meridian we have a remarkable team of experts who are driven to deliver great service to our valuable Corporate customers. In my line of work I get to interact directly with key contacts and this makes for a more streamlined approach in looking after our customer's needs and also building that trusting relationship"

021 272 1772

Ariel McMasters 2018 sml

Ariel McMaster

Corporate Account Manager - Christchurch Area and Lower South Island

 "It’s awesome working for a company that is always looking to improve the customer service experience and what we can offer. I really enjoy getting to know our customers, creating long lasting relationships, and continuously being there to see them grow and help them move into a more sustainable future."

021 510 629

Tom Woods 2 2018 sml

Tom Woods

Managed Accounts Support Manager

"I love how Meridian are at the forefront of the electricity industry - be it E.V’s, solar or finding innovative ways to help our customers and New Zealand. Being part of a company that generates from 100% renewable sources and is conscious of environmental impacts is important to me.“

021 229 6272