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Meridian Energy’s Australian subsidiary, Powershop Australia, has entered into a multi-year agreement with Australia’s premier online shopping destination Limited (, Kogan; ASX:KGN). The agreement will see offering competitive power and gas services to Australian households under a new brand, Kogan Energy.

This partnership will see Powershop supply energy and retail services to Kogan Energy customers, and Kogan responsible for all sales and marketing activity.

Kogan Energy is expected to launch before the end of the 2019 calendar year and will focus on simplifying the provision of power and gas for millions of Australians and making these essential services more affordable through digital efficiency.

Details of the offering will be released closer to the launch date.

Meridian Energy Australia and Powershop Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Ed McManus, said the company was pleased to be working with Kogan to continue to bring choice and transparency to Australian energy consumers.

“We generate some of the cleanest and greenest energy in Australia. Together with Kogan, we believe we can make a real difference to the energy space by delivering simple, great value, energy offerings through Kogan Energy.”

About is a portfolio of retail and services businesses that includes Kogan Retail, Kogan Marketplace, Kogan Mobile, Kogan Internet, Kogan Insurance, Kogan Money, Kogan Cars and Kogan Travel. Kogan is a leading Australian consumer brand renowned for price leadership through digital efficiency. The company is focused on making in-demand products and services more affordable and accessible.


Neal Barclay
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