We maintain a portfolio of potential new generation sites across New Zealand.

The sites are at various stages of development and can be broadly classified as ‘Consented’ and ‘Under investigation’.

For more information on the potential new generation sites you can email us.

Consented sites

These sites have been through a public resource consent process and have been given approval for construction.

Sites under investigation

These sites have not been through a resource consent process and are at an early stage of investigation.

Mt Munro wind project

The Mt Munro site is in the northern Wairarapa region, approximately 5km south of Eketahuna.

Wind monitoring has been undertaken on this site since late 2009 and the studies to identify and quantify the potential effects on the environment have also been completed. The wind farm would have a maximum output of 60-70 megawatts and connect to a nearby national grid transmission line. Resource consents for this project have not yet been secured.