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A year of charging for free

When you switch to our Electric Car Plan we'll cover the cost of charging your electric car for a year (up to $300 bill credit).* 


About the plan

The electric car plan is available for any residential customers who own a plug-in electric car
Terms and conditions apply

  • Rates designed specifically for electric car users
  • There are special night & day rates for customers in certain networks.
  • The rates are fixed for a term of 2 or 3 years (charging credit may vary).

"Charging your EV for a year" is based on a 2015 Nissan Leaf charging overnight with an average travel of 11,500kms on Meridian's Electric Car Standard Plan. 

Cheaper power from 9pm

Are you in the Vector, Wellington Electricity, Orion, Powerco, Aurora & Unison networks? If so, you can also have cheaper night rates between 9pm - 7am. 

Our Electric Car plan is a day/night plan, meaning you pay a different rate for the power you use during the day than you do at night. You need a smart meter for this, so if you don't have one we will get it installed for you free of charge. If you already have a smart meter, we'll take care of re-configuring it. 

The night rate applies between 9pm and 7am and the price you pay is even lower than our other day/night plans, so it costs even less to charge your car overnight.

You’ll save on ALL the power you use between 9pm and 7am, not just what you use charging your car. So you can make the most of your savings by shifting your power usage and setting your appliances to run during these times too.

Not interested in a day/night plan?

If you use a fair bit of power during the day and would rather not have a day/night plan, or you’re outside the six networks above, fill out the enquiry form below and we’ll arrange a plan to better suit your needs.