Focusing on energy efficiency is the fastest way to improve your bottom line and reduce your environmental impact.

Most offices can save up to 10% on their energy bills by following some simple steps.

Upgrade and fine tune your office equipment

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting typically account for around two-thirds of the energy use in your office, and are vital to staff productivity and wellbeing.

Complete a basic energy audit

Look for areas of energy waste, paying special attention to lighting, heating, ventilation and electronic equipment as this is where most of your energy is being consumed.

More ideas

  • Understand your current energy usage by looking at past energy bills. This will give you a benchmark from which to set targets and track improvements.
  • Speak to your landlord about what they can do to help you save energy.
  • Encourage your people to support the changes. If you’re a larger business, set up an ‘energy team’ who can help deliver energy savings. 
  • If you’re purchasing new equipment, look for the Energy Star mark.


Use the NABERS self-assessment tool. It will tell you how energy efficient you are by ranking you on a 6-star scale (with average energy performance being 3-stars).

What we do

Regular maintenance and upgrades

We undertake regular maintenance and upgrades to our heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We’ve also replaced all our traditional fluorescent lighting with LEDs. This is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to reduce energy.

Standby mode

We’ve also made sure that our IT hardware switches to standby rather than leaving equipment running at full-power.