Climate Action

Meridian has partnered with ElectricAir, to help launch the first 100% fully electric plane in New Zealand and demonstrate its commitment to low emissions transport.

ElectricAir, founded by Gary Freedman, will today officially launch the electric two-seat plane made by Pipistrel. 

The partnership between Meridian allows ElectricAir to take advantage of Meridian’s 100% Certified Renewable Energy product, which means that ElectricAir can report its scope 2 emissions as zero*.

Meridian’s Chief Customer Officer, Lisa Hannifin says, “We’re proud to have partnered with ElectricAir, who like Meridian, understand that electrification of transport is one of the biggest ways that our country can help to combat climate change.”

ElectricAir founder, Gary Freedman says, “ElectricAir saw a natural alignment with Meridian as they’re leaders in sustainability, and their commitment to only generate from 100% renewable sources is a clear indication that they’re in it for the long haul. We wanted a partner that shared our philosophy and Meridian was the perfect choice”.

Renewable energy certificates (RECs) are issued by the NZECS and are allocated to businesses to verify renewable energy generation equivalent to their consumption.  Certified Renewable Energy also enables businesses to report their Scope 2 electricity emissions as zero*.

“Meridian’s Certified Renewable Energy gives companies the ability to leverage our renewable advantage when competing on the world stage and demonstrate their support for renewable energy generation. Our renewable energy generation is a selling point for Kiwi businesses,” Lisa says.

*Using the market-based reporting methodology as per the GHG Protocol’s Scope 2 Standards. 


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