The Government has put together an incentive package for electric vehicle ownership including road user charge exemption for light vehicles, which is a saving of around $700 per year.

Electricity is cheaper than petrol

About 7 times cheaper than petrol in fact. EECAcalculates charging up your car costs the equivalent of 30c per litre. You can also charge up for free.

Less maintenance

Battery powered electric cars have fewer moving parts compared to thousands of moving parts in petrol cars. 

Cleaner air

Battery powered electric cars produce no exhaust emissions that cause local air pollution. Over its lifetime, a battery powered electric car emits 60% fewer climate change emissions than petrol cars.

More fun to drive

Electric cars have no clutch or gears. They accelerate faster and smoother, in a “sporty” way - and climb hills easier than petrol cars.


Electric Car Plan

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